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Working on creative events and installations whether commercial or cultural, ReCreate go above and beyond what is expected. ReCreate is an essential resource centre that enables us to experiment and push our creative energy without the added worry of always going over our materials budget. It is an Aladdin’s cave of resources, easy to navigate and the staff are always unbelievably helpful. It has revolutionized our life! Thank you ReCreate! Sharon Greene – Queens Of Neon

ReCreate – what a breath of fresh air, an Aladdin’s cave of treasures!! All teachers, parents and anyone involved in arts and crafts will absolutely love ReCreate, with its bountiful supply of re-usable resources – from paper to tins, tiles to bottle tops, wool to fabric, the list goes on and on. The membership is such fantastic value and a brilliant way for schools etc to save money while also using recycled items. At ReCreate from the moment you walk in the door you are met with such professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff, who are obviously passionate about this fantastic new facility. Its a pleasure and a joy to call in and stock up on supplies, leaving with your car filled and your head full of ideas. I really cannot praise the team at ReCreate enough – what a fantastic creative resource on our doorstep. Cheryl Doyle – Manager, Sticky Fingers Montessori School, Skerries

A treasure trove of fantastic materials, a real treat. Kids and adults alike will love this place – Sharon Smyth
The atmosphere was great: « kids in a sweetshop ». Thank you for the great day out! – Meath ECCE workshop
My visit has inspired me and helped me see more creativity. – Meath ECCE workshop
HxARTS autism support group booked a session at Recreate for their sibclub , the sisters and brothers of children with ASD. It was really easy to organise last Saturday’s session and the warm welcome received from staff member Gillian and artist Rhona on the day was reassuring for all. Most importantly the children had a blast and the feedback was 100% positive. They thoroughly enjoyed working together in groups to ‘recreate’ little and BIG masterpieces and displayed their work to satisfied parents at end. We’ve already booked two more sessions for the kids who deserve a little TLC.- Lorraine Doyle HXArts
I heard it was great, but it has totally exceeded my expectations! Susan- Art Teacher
It’s companies like ReCreate that are going to keep our activities going! – St Michaels House Glasnevin
Thanks to the ReCreate staff from all of the children in Wombles crèche Tallaght for organising our workshop yesterday. They were so excited with the expectation of the workshop, it however surpassed anything they had imagined. I think they will be talking about it for a long time to come!! – Miriam Cullen (Wombles Creche)
Without your company we would not be where we are now, I would have to beg, skip dive and get notices in the paper for the supplies we need, well done to RECREATE, Thanks from all who are working on our ST. Patricks Day Parade Maynooth, project. You can check out our blog to see what you can do reusing materials:
On behalf of all our artists at the NCAH I just wanted to say the of biggest thank yous for a wonderful morning on Wednesday! I think the excitement and buzz about the place throughout our group was palpable! Participants were singing your praises about and thrilled to be coming away with a myriad of ideas after the workshop/presentation.
I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the creative contributors to St Patrick’s Festival this year. Without your professionalism, talent and creativity it wouldn’t be the magic experience for people that it is.It has been a real pleasure to work with each of you and I hope to do so again in the near future.
We were thoroughly impressed by the whole experience of working with ReCreate. Our artist, Fiona, was so professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about her craft. She was able to work with us to design a workshop that suited our needs and interests perfectly. It was informative, innovative, and lots of fun. We are so glad we found ReCreate and truly look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks again for everything! Aubree, Jump Innovation
A quick line to say thanks to ReCreate for facilitating a re-use workshop at our recent section meeting. The creativity and fun in the session served as a great icebreaker and helped raise energy levels in the room – all the while demonstrating sustainability in action. Best wishes, Dr Shane Colgan,Manager, Resource Efficiency Unit, Environmental Protection Agency
It’s been a week since we went home and I’ve only heard positive feedback about our activity at ReCreate! Everyone enjoyed it so much and was really interested! Not only in building the flying machine, but also in the way that ReCreate works. That’s why I want to thank you again for making this happen! A lot of people mentioned that you had a really nice way of explaining and helping our students. We really appreciate it! We also saw some pictures on your facebook page, we love it! Thank you very much and good luck with ReCreate. Mathias Van den Bossche

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