ReCreate are delighted to announce that we have received generous funding from The Ireland Funds in 2015 to help enable Deis Schools avail of the top quality and unlimited Art Materials & Educational Supplies that are available at ReCreate.

The funding allows ReCreate to offer a €100 discount on membership for any Deis School that may be interested in joining the Warehouse of Wonders.

ReCreate is a social enterprise and membership organisation which collects clean, end of line materials from business and redistributes for all kinds of creative and artistic purposes. The concept, Creative Reuse, encourages the whole community to reuse everyday materials that are normally being thrown away, in all kinds of inventive ways. Members pay an annual subscription fee and in turn have unlimited access to the materials stored in ReCreate, this encourages reuse on an industrial scale.

This funding is a fantastic opportunity for schools, and in particular for young children, as it provides the opportunity to work and play with high quality open ended materials, which may previously have not been affordable or accessible.

If you would like to enquire further about availing of this discount, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01-4568798 or email us at

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