There was an amazing turnout on Friday the 13th of February as the Warehouse of Wonders celebrated its First Birthday with the members of ReCreate. It was an afternoon filled with creativity, inventing and of course, some cake! Some parents brought their children along and we saw everything from hats to jetpacks being recreated on the day, we even dressed a Polar Bear for the party!

The afternoon also saw the launch of our upcoming project The ReCreate Revolution, which was a huge hit and welcomed with open arms by all on the day! The Revolution team will be delivering over 100 workshops across Ireland in 2015 for FREE. You can still register your interest in a workshop by emailing Louise at

NO FEE 13 ReCreate Revolution LaunchNO FEE 15 ReCreate Revolution Launch


We’d like to say thanks to everyone that came to help us celebrate on the day, and for making it a very special occasion and one that will not be forgotten by the staff at ReCreate.


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