ReCreate are delighted to be teaming up with The Rediscovery Center to now offer cans of paint to our members! Rediscover Paint is a reuse scheme run by the Rediscovery Center. All paint from Rediscover Paint is offered at a minimal cost and for a fraction of the price of new paint, making it very affordable for members of Rediscover paint. Any money received is used to help the Rediscovery Center in continuing to serve the local community. Rediscovery Paint collect and sort for reuse paint that would otherwise go to waste and then make it available to collect for reuse.

Rediscovery Paint have kindly agreed to supply us with some of their stock which will be free to members of ReCreate as part of the annual subscription to the Warehouse of Wonders. The beginning of what promises to be another great partnership.

Like ReCreate, The Rediscovery Center is a social enterprise which use waste and unwanted materials as a resource and raw material for new product design such as furniture, clothes and bikes!

We’re delighted to be working closely with our friends in the Rediscovery team on this initiative and look forward to working on many more in times to come!

Check out to see what else the guys offer!



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