Hi there, welcome to our new blog where we will inspire, inform and share with all you ReCreators. It’s been a busy few months for us here at ReCreate as we launched our STEAM workshops in primary schools within Kildare, Fingal and Dublin City. Funded by the local Councils these workshops focus on how ideas associated with science, technology, engineering, arts and maths can be introduced into learning environments using many creative approaches with our materials. To inquire about having your own ReCreate workshop please get in touch at drogers@recreate.ie

We hope you were all wrapped up warm last week? To celebrate the snow why not create some ice drawings in your classroom or at home. Inspired by British land artist Andy Goldsworthy who said ‘the snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood’, this sensory activity opens up opportunities to explore our weather, science and geography while having lots of creative, messy fun.

The roller blind fabric we get from Ikea is perfect for this activity as it has a plastic backing and will protect the surface you work on. But before you begin you must prepare the ‘coloured ice’. Mix and freeze some water with a drop of food colouring (be aware that this can stain clothes) or diluted paint, in an ice cube tray or other container, overnight.

Take your ‘coloured ice’ out of the freezer half an hour before you begin so it has started to thaw. Lay your roller blind fabric, or large sheet of paper, out on the floor and tape down if necessary. Give each participant an ice cube and paint away. You could incorporate this activity into a story about snow or winter as each participant experiences the cold ice in their hand. As the cubes melt you can lift the paper at either end and make the paint move, creating imaginary shapes as it glides across. When these shapes are dry they can be highlighted with markers, transformed into odd creatures or used as a backdrop for another activity.

Don’t forget to send us in some pictures of your ice creations and enjoy!

Deirdre Rogers
Creative Director

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