The ReCreate Art Shop

ReCreate have teamed up with Clever Kids to make the Warehouse of Wonders a one stop shop for all your Arts & Crafts needs. Members can not only collect their reuse materials from our storehouse, but they can also pick up their paint, glue, googly eyes and much more from our Art Shop.

We also have a Clever Kids Showroom where you can sample quality furniture designed specifically for children.

To see lot’s more of what Clever Kids have to offer, check them out at 

Art Shop 2

ReCreate Art Shop

Art Shop 3

ReCreate Art Shop Materials


Item Price
Red Paint 1 litre €4
Dark Green Paint 1 litre €4
White Paint 500 ml €2
Black Paint €2
Light Green Paint €2
Orange Paint €2
Dark Blue Paint €2
Light Blue Paint €2
Brown paint €2
Pink Paint €2
PVA Glue (3ltr) €14.99
PVA Glue (1ltr) €4.99
Pritt Stick (24 per box) €14.99
Sellotape €2.50
Googly Eyes (tubs) €11
Googly Eyes (Stickers) €2.50
Paint tray Small €4.99
Paint tray Long €4.99
Key chains (packets) €7
Orange Scissors €1.50
Green Scissors €1.50
Blue Scissors €1.50
Black Cord €4.99
Clear Cord €4.99
White Cord €4.99
Couloured Cord €4.99
Paint Brushes (per pack) €3
Clay Roller Sets (per pack) €7
Blue tracing cards €4
Purple tracing cards €4
Orange tracing cards €4
Green tracing cards €4
Yellow tracing cards €4
Red tracing cards €4
Pink tracing cards €4
Paint Coats €5

IMG_5236ReCreate Art Shop Toys

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