It’s a Material World

ReCreate has a warehouse in Ballymount Industrial Estate, South Dublin, a unique building where we save tonnes of materials from landfill every year. These materials come from businesses and factories across Ireland. Paper, plastic, textiles, foam, metal, wood, cardboard, timber, wiring, tubing and other curious little objects are some of the many things you’ll find stocked on our shelves.

Our enterprise is based around the concept known as ‘creative reuse‘ which encourages the public to reuse materials, (that would normally be sent to landfill or recycling) in all kinds of creative and inventive ways, giving these materials a new lease of life while creating rather fascinating learning experiences for adults, children and little minds.

Over the years we have seen how our materials are a critical enabler of the work of early years educators, community and youth groups, arts facilitators, teachers, special needs assistants and those working with young children or in care settings. Our experience has shown that the creative reuse of materials has a deep impact at an individual and group level.

With a network of over 380+ business suppliers donating materials to us, there is no end to the type and volume of materials we have in stock. You really never know what you may find in the warehouse. We regularly update our Facebook page with videos of what’s in stock. The images below are samples of materials that we often have in stock in ReCreate. Why not arrange a visit to our warehouse for a look around? Or contact us by phone or email.

High Demand Materials

We need a wide range of clean, safe, versatile business waste materials – production offcuts and by-products, rejected QC batches, bankrupt and redundant retail stock, and unused raw materials, and packaging materials. Could your business be a potential ReCreate supplier in 2023? Get in touch with us and we can have a chat with you and arrange a visit out to your company to take a look. Join the ever growing community of businesses who support ReCreate’s work.