Material Delivery

Having difficulty travelling to ReCreate? Not to worry, we can deliver a large box of materials directly to your door.

We offer a 32 county delivery so wherever you are, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask about a delivery of materials to get the creativity flowing.


We offer a range of curious products, materials, challenges and processes in a box.

Currently in stock;

  • Remix Box
  • The Love Box
  • Don’t Rain On My Parade Box (Sold Out)

Don’t Rain On My Parade Box:

We won’t let restrictions put a dampener on our St. Patricks Day creativity.

Our Don’t Rain On My Parade Box consists of amazing materials but also gives you access to a prop building workshop facilitated by our in-house creative team of artists. This workshop runs for 90 mins on Zoom on Tues 16th March at 5:30pm. ReCreate will deliver a large box of creative materials, dropped to your door free of charge in advance of the workshop date. When your done, take a photo of your family’s finished props and send it to us because we’ll be hosting a pop-up exhibition on our Facebook page throughout the day on the 17th.

Price: €25 (Including delivery and admittance to 90 minute workshop)

Love Box:

A creative challenge for families and couples.

We think that challenges are invitations for exploration, so that’s why we’ve designed this challenge.

Around 200 hundred years ago people showed love, devotion and admiration by creating ‘love tokens‘.

The challenge? Make a unique token of love, admiration, friendship, appreciation or respect for someone you know using ReCreate’s materials.

These limited edition boxes are focussed on curiosity, exploration and play. Each box contains a quirky array of objects and tailored curious questions to get you started.

Price: €15 (Including Delivery)

Remix Boxes:

A Remix Box is a large box of ReCreate materials that can be reused to create something new. Selected by our inhouse creative team, each box contains a general assortment of our materials for creative reuse by you, your family or community group.

Materials include: paper, card, foam, fabrics, plastics, tubing and lots of other unusual items.

Each order includes the box (60x40x40cm) of materials and access to an exclusive video tutorial on how to best utilize your materials. Delivery is included in the cost.

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