Looking For Materials For Your Projects?

ReCreate operates on a membership model. Membership allows unlimited access to amazing creative materials for a once off annual fee. For an indication of the range of materials, check out the video at this entry in our blog and our Facebook page which is updated regularly.

Member groups must fill and send a copy of the ReCreate Membership form before joining, including online payments. Download our membership form here.

Membership forms can be posted or emailed to Kevin at kmcloughlin@recreate.ie 

Membership Options:

We have a wide range of membership fees and options (see table below) and we’ll be happy to help you get ReCreating. We offer best value and a range of materials you won’t find anywhere else in Ireland.

Our membership rates vary depending on the type and size of your organisation or project. Join today and your membership with us will last until 31st December 2021, and you will be able to visit our Warehouse of Wonders for materials and supplies as often as you wish during the year.

Organisation Type Membership Type Price
Early Childhood Sector Sessional Service (1 Session)
Sessional Service (2 Sessions)
Community Childcare
Full Time Day Care
Education Sector Primary/Secondary School (0- 150 pupils)
Primary/Secondary School – Small (150- 250 pupils)
Primary/Secondary School – Medium (251- 500 pupils)
Primary/Secondary School – Large (500+ pupils)
Community & Youth Sector Community Groups including: geographical and community of interest; residence associations etc.
Youth Groups
Special Needs Groups
Other Artist,Family or Individual Member
Individual Student/OAP
Curious 4 (Group of 4 Children)
Individual Member (Professional Use)
Group of 4 Students
Arts Organisation
Headquarter Organisation (See Note 1)

Note 1: Headquarter Organisation membership does not cover affiliated member groups. It is for the headquarter organisation’s use only.  Contact us on 01 456 8798 for details. All enquiries welcome.

Note 2: Individual Members wishing to join must contact ReCreate staff beforehand.

Still not convinced? Why not check out the video below!