The Code for Corporate Governance for Voluntary and Community Sector

Every year, our finances are independently audited and published on our website for you here.
As a registered Irish Charity, we are listed on the Charities Regulatory Authority’s Register of Charities in the Republic of Ireland.

We have fully adopted and are compliant with the Code of Governance.

How We Are Governed

ReCreate is governed by the Board of Directors who direct and supervise the affairs of ReCreate on a day to day basis to ensure that it delivers on its goals and objectives, upholds the vision and mission of the Social Enterprise in every aspect of its activities and stays in line with the Strategic Plan.

Corporate Governance Publications, Annual Reports and Policies

ReCreates financial accounts are fully audited each year, you can view our accounts below:

Financial accounts of ReCreate 2014

Financial accounts of ReCreate 2015

Financial accounts of ReCreate 2016

Financial accounts of ReCreate 2017

Financial accounts of ReCreate 2018

You can view our Annual Reports below:

Annual Report for 2017

Our Mission…

To be an inclusive and successful social enterprise inspiring curiosity, creativity and care for the environment. We aim to do this by:

  • Providing accessible and affordable art materials and educational supplies to all sectors of the community across Ireland
  • Championing awareness around reuse and diverting materials from landfill
  • Encouraging social inclusion through extensive work-placement programmes for those with additional needs and those from the labour market.

Our Vision…

To establish a national social enterprise fostering creativity, valuing social inclusion and protecting the environment

ReCreations Recreate

ReCreate is a registered charity in Ireland. Our charity number is CHY20853.