Membership model: How does it work + how much does it cost?

ReCreate operates on a membership model. Members join ReCreate and have access to our warehouse/shop throughout the period of membership as often as they need for no extra cost. Membership is open to everybody, although groups such as schools, creches or youth groups must nominate the individuals from their group which they’d like to have access.

We collect unwanted, unused, surplus or end of line materials from companies and bring them back to our premises for ‘creative reuse’ purposes. When one of our partner suppliers have clean end of line materials they need to dispose of, they will contact ReCreate. We arrange to pick up the materials from their premises and bring them back to our warehouse. Groups or individuals that have joined can then access these materials for their creative projects.

Membership allows an individual or group unlimited access to our warehouse throughout the membership period. Once signed up, a member simply signs in on arrival and can access the materials in stock then. All memberships need to be fully paid up before access can be granted.

We have a wide range of memberships available depending on who the membership is for. You can see all of our membership rates on our Join Us page. You members runs for 12 months from the day you join. Once you pay your one off membership fee, there are no additional costs throughout the year. You are free to access the warehouse as often as you like.

Can I have a look around before joining as a member?

Yes of course. If you would like to take a tour of ReCreate before joining, you’d be more than welcome. If you like what you see, you can join on the day and take items right away.

Can I pay for a once off visit?

No, unfortunately all visitors must be members before accessing our materials. We do not offer a once off visit option

Are workshops included in membership?

No, workshops are a separate cost to membership. However we do facilitate a number of free online workshops for some members throughout the year (i.e online webinars for early years practitioners as part of their WonderMaker membership. We so offer a special discounted rate for groups who would like to join as members and receive workshops too.

Workshops: How much does a workshop cost?

A standard 90-minute workshop is €250 offsite or €220 here at ReCreate. A standard workshop is seen as a session for one school class or a group of up to 15 adults. Bespoke packages can be arranged based on people’s budgets. We will travel to your location to facilitate if required. If the location is outside Dublin, there may be an additional travel fee included. We also facilitate workshops at ReCreate. 

What kind of workshops do you do?

We facilitate a wide range of workshops themes for all kinds of groups, including puppetry, construction, paint + print, the Sustainable Development Goals, fabric & fibre, STEAM plus a range of training and CPD courses. We also design bespoke sessions upon request. If you have something specific in mind, you can contact our Creative Department to discuss,

Do you do staff training?

Yes we do! We can facilitate training sessions for early years, teachers and community groups. We can also facilitate team building sessions for all groups. Prices will vary depending on the numbers in the session and the duration of the workshop.


Warehouse: What’s in stock at the moment?

Please note that our stock changes on a daily basis, however we generally have a range of paper, card, fabrics, textiles and plastic available. You can check out our Social Media pages for the latest news on what’s in stock. You can also contact the office.

Can I donate materials as an individual?

We accept individual donations on a case by case basis. If you are an individual and would like to donate materials, please contact Aisling Folan at

Can I donate materials as a company?

Yes you can donate materials as a company. If you would like to arrange a collection of items, you can arrange a collection with our warehouse team or Creative Reuse Director, Aisling Folan at

Do you arrange collections?

Yes we do. We have a company van that collects items from our suppliers.

Do you charge for collection?

No, we do not charge for collections of materials. Our collections are free of charge for companies donating materials to us.

What kind of stuff do you accept?

We accept clean, end of line or excess stock. Items may be unwanted due to a defect along the production line, have old branding or promotion dates on them or may be a wrong order by a client.

What kind of stuff do you not collect?

We cannot take electrical items, bulky furniture such as settees and mattresses and contaminated or used items. We also regularly get offered old ring binders and plastic coat hangers, which we may not take due to the volume we may already have.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!