Digital Exhibition 2020

We’ve teamed up with ChangeX and joined #TheCommunityCall to bring a great initiative while we all #StayAtHome during Covid19.

If you’ve made a piece of art, a cool new game or activity, recorded some skills int he garden, baked some nice treats or created a gigantic domino train, we’d love to see it! Send us photos of your creations and we’ll add your piece to our Digital Exhibition. You could win family passes to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum!

You can email your ReCreations to us at or DM us through our Facebook Page

Competition Details:
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum are kindly donating some family passes to the museum for a lovely family day out once we get back to normal. We will select some finalists once the exhibition closes, and ask the public to vote on their winners. 

Check out our entries so far below:

Louise – Weaved Rug

ReCreate Member Louise sent us in these lovely pictures of one of her at home projects. Louise used some of our offcuts from Avoca woolen mills to weave together and create this lovely rug!

Jack – Bug Hotel

Jack has kept his creative streak going with another brilliant entry to our exhibition. This time he has shown us some images of his really cool Bug Hotel which looks like some 5 star accommodation for his insect friends! P.s We love the haircut Jack!

Eoghan – Homemade Guitar & Name design

Eoghan has been inspired by our Creative Corner videos while staying at home and has made a couple different creations 🙂 He’s made a cool design of his name from Episodes 2 & 3 of our videos and also made a Guitar from our recent musical instrument episodes. Well done Eoghan!

Ruby (8) – Homemade Vending Machine

As if the snacks aren’t tempting enough at the moment, Ruby has only gone and made her very own homemade vending machine! We think this is absolutely brilliant, and we hope you enjoy all of the snacks Ruby!!

Jack – Cardboard Castle

Jack is back and has turned his creative side to this really cool castle made from cardboard! Jack was in touch with us before with his outdoor planter and we’re delighted to see him keep creative and keep in touch. Well done Jack, keep it up!

Nathan – Diorama of a Dublin Street

Nathan has used his time at home to ReCreate his very own interpretation of a Dublin street, making a 3d Diorama. we have to say that this is very impressive!

Dave – Creative Birthday Gift

This entry was created by an individual who’s actual age should remain a mystery (60!). Dave made this image in response to not being able to buy a suitable birthday for his Granddaughter. The hair is an Iron wool abrasive, glasses are egg boxes, eyes are bottle lids, pupils are washers, beard is twigs (some painted silver to highlight greys), mouth is sponge all mounted on card… all 4 layers of them and the most ingenious of all the materials – dog hair eyebrows. Such a lovely gift!

Trevor – Recycled Keyboard Creations

Trevor has made this recycled artwork made from recycled keyboards over the past few weeks in lockdown. Even the frames are made from recycled wood! Trevor has lots more on his Facebook page here

Eimear (10) – Robot-19 Reuse Robot

Eimear, aged 10, had great fun rummaging in the recycling and making a robot out of tin cans, a paint tin, lids, foil, an old phone charger, coloured glue sticks and a glue gun! She named it ‘Robot-19’ and we really love it!

Archie & James – Worm Hotels & Isolation Periscope

Archie and his little brother James have been very creative in setting up some accommodation for their back garden lodgers. They’ve created 2 lovely Worm Hotels for their Stoneybatter neighbors! They have also been very smart in setting up an Isolation Periscope, to ensure that they can remain safe while watching TV!

Grace & Family: Upcycled Cable Reel

Grace and her family have been upcycling this cool cable reel just in time for the nice weather! The reel will come in handy for the summer barbecues!

Luca & Darragh – Mud Kitchen, Easter Tree & Wreath

Luca and Darragh are seen here with their Easter Tree. They also made an Easter wreath made from egg cartons. Creativity runs in the Devine family. Mud kitchen made by Santa from paletts but the blueprint came form dad Bosco, who also got creative by making a mini green house made by recycling the old shower.

Sarah (6) – Rocket Ship & At Home Painting

Sarah (6) has been having fun at home by using materials at home for making Rocket ship and also painting!  

Francesco (10) – Pirate Ship

Francesco has a huge interest in all things Pirates. He has been really busy building this really cool Pirate Ship for him to plunder any other pirates he comes across while staying at home! We love the craftsmanship and symmetry of this cool vessel. Well done Francesco!

Helen – Homemade Face Masks

Helen from Churchtown in Dublin has been having fun making face masks from old bits of material in her leftover / recycle sewing stash. She’s kindly posting her finished items to family and friends who are doing their weekly shop. Helen has been very creative and is even picking colours to suit different people’s style!

Jack – Homemade Hobnobs and Artistic Making

Jack has been busy at home making Homemade Hobnobs with his family while also embracing the artist within!

Layla – Princess Warrior Sheild

Laylas princess warrior shield has been made entirely from materials at home. We hope it helps protect you from all your enemies!

Joey (7) – FruitFace & Football Lego

While taking a break from the busy homeschooling, Joey was very inventive and made this really cool face with his lunch 🙂 He has also been really busy buidling a lego football game with his brother Bobby and sister Emma! Well done Joey & co!

Mateo – Robot 1880

Mateo has designed and built a new robot to explore the Moon. He used recycled materials such us cardboard, plastic bottles, Styrofoam, aluminum and steel cans. The name of the robot  is 1880 and his mission is search aliens and rocks. Mateo prepared a PDF Document for us with all of his work and we have to say we are very impressed! Take a look below

Ruby & Lexi – Fionn and The Dragon

Ruby (5) and Lexi Morgan (1.5) made an animation of the Irish legend Fionn and The Dragon of how Finn MacCumhall became leader of The Fianna. They got their mum to narrate the story. They built three stage sets on different chairs and made it into a YouTube video, link below. Well done girls!  

Chloe & Lauren – Jewel Art

Sisters Chloe (7) and Lauren (5) Connolly have been making these wonderful Jewel art pieces while staying at home. They are absolutely lovely!

Oisín (6) – Homemade Bookmark

Oisín (6) has been very creative by including reused materials and nature. He has made a bookmark out of recycled card and pressed flowers. Well done Oisín.

Adam (8) – Easter Tree

Adam Posavitz is 8 years old and has made an Easter tree, made from rolled dough, baked, painted and placed on branches gathered in the park.

Katie – Creative Mobile with Bird Feeder

Katie was lucky to receive a ReCreate toolkit to help her creative projects. She’s put the materials to great use with some tapestry along with a lovely Spring Mobile with a little bird feeder attached to the end.

Polly – Catapult Creation

Polly has been very creative in finding materials from about her house. She made a really cool catapult that can send animals safely into space and over the moon!!

Polly – Tallest Tower

When Polly was done making her catapult, she created a very tall tower, which shows great engineering skill.

Jack – Turning an old pallet into a planter

Jack has been really busy helping out in his back garden. He has done a fantastic job in turning an old pallet into a lovely new plant bed for the summer months.

Saoirse – Spongebob Diorama

Saoirse has been keeping up with her school work, and was asked to make a Diorama at home. She got really creative with it and decided to make a Spongebob World!

Emma – Recycled Robot

Emma’s teacher asked her class to build a robot out of items from our recycle bin. Here is Emme’s robot called Picker Upper Cleanie Weenie. The robot has a detector, the Robo Cleaner 3000, with a vacuum that sucks up all the viruses. The germs get collected into the cart & also the bucket on the head. 

Sylwia – Cardboard Horse Stable

Sylwia and her children created a really lovely horse stable using an old cardboard box. The horses look really happy with their new home.

Helen – Irish Potato Farls

Helen has been putting her time at home to good use by practicing new recipes. She recently tried her hand at making Irish Potato Farls and she told us that they were yummy! They certainly look the part.

Avril & Saorlaith – A Girl Called Ciara

Avril (5) and Saorlaith (2) were also delighted to recently receeve a delivery of a ReCreate Toolkit. With their materials, they created a girl called Ciara to play with during their isolation.

Cuinn – Volcano

Cuinn (3) made a volcano from his recreate materials, he added clay, paint, and dinosaur stickers and when it was ready they put some baking soda, vinegar and red food dye for the lava!

Eleanor – Crochet Blanket

ReCreate member Eleanor Moriarty has crocheted this beautiful blanket using scrap wool pieces from the ReCreate Warehouse. Well done Eleanor!

Oisin (5) – Play Dough Characters & Scene

Oisin has been very busy putting his Play Dough to good use while staying at home. He has ReCreated some lovely characters to fit into his own world and we love it!

Chloe (6) & Ryan (12)

Chloe & Ryan have been super creative, getting involved in come clay work along with dressing up items from home. They’ve also spent time decorating items for their back garden, and we are very jealous! They look great!!

Sadie – Pattern & Paint creations

Sadie and her mam, ReCreates very own Jo May have been very creative while working from home. Sadie has been helping her mam come up with lots of ideas for our At Home Workshops.