At ReCreate we collect surplus materials from businesses for use as art, craft, play and educational materials by thousands of groups working with children, young people, the active retired and others.

Free Collection

We collect for free – we’re aiming to redistribute around 250 tonnes a year locally for creative reuse. We can arrange collections on an ad hoc or on-going basis.


Would you like to create a better environment for future generations, while at the same time encouraging creativity and invention in Ireland’s future engineers, teachers, and scientists? Then why not donate your excess materials to ReCreate!


ReCreate will gladly take your unwanted and unused materials without any cost at one van load at a time. Or you can deliver your materials to our Warehouse of Wonders where our workers will efficiently unload the delivery. We will save you money by diverting your materials away from landfill.


By donating your company’s unwanted materials you are also helping the environment. Energy, fuel, and water goes into the production of paper, plastics, cardboard, and fabric to name a few. The extraction of raw materials in addition to the manufacturing and disposal of such materials contribute to the carbon footprint. Moreover, landfills are limited in space and create toxic and undesirable environments for the people who live near them.

ReCreate reduces our carbon footprint, which helps mitigate the effects of climate change, conserves our limited resources, and keeps landfills from overflowing by being the best alternative resort for unwanted and reusable materials. We not only bring joy and creativity to communities, we are also creating and promoting a healthier environment for ourselves and for future generations.


ReCreate strives to be the social enterprise that upholds its mission to create an inclusive space for all communities through the art of reuse. Your unwanted materials will be accessible and affordable to every sector of the community and will be adored by members with and without disabilities. The majority of our memberships is held by early childhood centers, schools, youth groups, community arts organizations and arts-based initiatives in mental health, disability, and disadvantage. Your company will help create an impact by providing the tools needed to encourage innovation and creativity for the future engineers, teachers, scientists, and leaders of Ireland.

To learn more on how the art of reuse creates social inclusion while also igniting creative thinking and inventiveness, check out our Heads Up Project.

In addition, by helping us out, you will be helping us create employment opportunities for Tús participants!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility with ReCreate! Working with ReCreate will help you with your community impact, cultivate teamwork and creativity within your workplace (by hosting team building workshops), save money for your and your customers disposal costs, and improve your company’s public perception. Associating with an award-winning social enterprise will show your care for the community and environment.


To arrange a collection, please contact Stuart in the Warehouse on 01 456 8798.

High Demand Materials

We need a wide range of clean, safe, versatile business waste materials – production offcuts and by-products, rejected QC batches, bankrupt and redundant retail stock, and unused raw materials, and packaging materials.

Paper Tubes
Egg Box
Plastic Caps
Bottle Caps
Paper- All Types
Anything Unusual