Creative Celebrations + Birthday Bashes

We run all kinds of crazy events at ReCreate, from creative communion parties to birthday bashes. All our workshops and events are inclusive with a strong sustainability message. Chose from one of our 2023 party themes or feel free to come up with your own. If you have an idea in mind, no problem, we’ll create something fun for you. We’re creative nutters after all. Throw any mad idea at us and we should be able to make it work. Our workshops are facilitated by a ReCreate artist and prices start at €220 for a 90 minute workshop plus 30 mins for cake and photos. (€10 a head for each additional child). Bring your own cake and drink. Every child can take home a small bag of reuse materials from our warehouse, so they can continue being creative and curious even after the party ends. Be part of the zero waste, zero hassle party movement. These parties are suitable for children aged 6-14 years.

Choose one of our 2023 themes or feel free to suggest your own:

  • Bash #1 Wild Play: Can you build the tallest tower? Have fun with your friends building towers, robots or even a cardboard city. 
  • Bash #2 Den Building:
  • Bash #3 Flying Contraptions:
  • Bash #4 Green with Envy:
  • Bash #5 Festival Fashion: explore and experiment with a wide variety of textiles and other unusual reuse materials and create accessories that are striking works of wearable art.
  • Bash #6 Space Exploration:
  • Bash #7 Drama Queen: 
  • Bash #8 Disney Does ReUse