We’re ReCreate Ireland, an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to inspire curiosity, creativity and care for people and our planet. Our enterprise is based around the concept known as ‘creative reuse’ which encourages the public to reuse materials, (that would normally be sent to landfill or recycling) in all kinds of creative and inventive ways, giving these materials a new lease of life while creating fantastic playful, sustainable, and educational experiences for children, adults and communities.

We champion the potential of ‘creative reuse’ every chance we get by providing a year-round programme of events and services including;

  • Operating a scrap store for members in our HQ in Ballymount, South Dublin
  • Delivering festivals + community events for local authorities, community partners and corporate clients
  • Facilitating creative parties for all occasions
  • Hosting weekend family workshops
  • Running curiosity summer camps for children
  • Delivering Creative Sustainability training for early years professionals, educators and artists
  • Rolling out climate change projects in schools 
  • Hosting ReCreate tours
  • Developing art commissions for business clients (i.e. prop building for TV, Media + Theatre)
  • Running corporate team building days + family staff days
  • Providing eco-wedding entertainment and hen party workshops (i.e. Curious Brides)
  • Offering a sustainable games rental service

As a social inclusion company, we also provide valuable work opportunities and career development opportunities to those most marginalised in society. We are committed to unlocking the potential of creative reuse for people and the planet and are passionate about creating new jobs and careers opportunities in the creative and circular economy sector.

We support a national network of 350+ businesses who donate end of line, surplus materials to us. Since 2015, we have redirected over 1,000 tonnes of unused, unwanted, end of line material from landfill, repurposing them as affordable open-ended creative supplies for our members across Ireland.

ReCreate was founded by a consortium of organisations in 2013 consisting of Early Childhood Ireland, South Dublin County Partnership, Tallaght Community Arts, Oakfield Trust and community representatives. 2023 marks our 10th birthday.

We’re based in Ballymount, South Dublin.